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Pin bush coupling Singapore suppliers, gear coupling manufacturers India, flange coupling Malaysia producers, spider coupling Indonesia exporters-HIC.

Searching for Quality Pin Bush Coupling, Flexible Gear Coupling and Spider Couplings ?

Singapore Malaysia Indonesia flexible coupling suppliers trust HIC manufacturers quality pin bush coupling India manufacturers, curved tooth gear coupling China producers by flange coupling Pune Mumbai Kolkata distributors’ spider coupling Delhi dealers located in India, and also for propeller shaft flexible coupling hi-cliff equivalent replacement, motor shaft coupling, flexible shaft coupling, spacer coupling rathi type interchangeable, flexible tyre coupling unique type interchangeable, rigid coupling elecon type interchangeable, jaw coupling lovejoy type interchangeable, HRC coupling jaw fenner interchange, snap wrap coupling lovejoy equivalent replacement, brake drum coupling fenner type interchangeable, flexible gear coupling fenner equivalent replacement of Universal brand importers-distributors of flexible couplings in USA North America, Argentina South America, Adelaide Australia Oceania, Christchurch New Zealand Suva Fiji centrifugal pump coupling suppliers, Frankfurt Germany Europe rotary pump coupling suppliers, Moscow Ufa Perm Russian Federation, Port Elizabeth South Africa electric motor traders, Asia including Middle East India China electric motor industrial pump manufacturing factory.

Also, manufacturing roller chain sprockets for power transmission, double chain sprocket, single pitch sprocket for roller chain drive toothed wheel manufacturers-suppliers to asphalt paving and cement plants dairy handling industries in Anand Amritsar Karnal Mumbai Kolkata Hyderabad Chennai Jaipur Faridabad Nagpur Sitargunj Noida Bengaluru Delhi of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and other Asian countries HIC make Universal brand chain sprocket users.

HIC engines power transmission quick connect star spider couplings are proven for industrial performance in Jerusalem, Plovdiv, Singapore City, Belgrade, Bratislava, Arhus, Antwerp, Tampere; satisfactorily used hic Universal brand generators drive flexible shaft rubber tyre coupling in Luxembourg City, Vienna, Nicosia, Milan, Yokohama; EOT crane coupling and ash handling conveyor systems electric motors drive taper lock bush system pin bush coupling in Pusan, Bergen, Cracow, Lisbon, Chinsinau; quality forged steel flexible full gear and half rigid-half gear coupling for power transmission of foundry industry & mining machinery used in Minsk, La Paz, Gothenburg, Toronto, Illinois, Texas, Monterrey, San Pedro Sula, Guatemala City, San Salvador, Havana, Brisbane supplied directly by hic company and importers, wholesalers, dealers, agents.

Engine CouplingRubber Tyre coupling

Power Transmission Couplings Reliable Indian Manufacturers: HIC

Hic Universal flexible coupling rubber tire elastic, spider, pin bush, rigid, gear couplings High-Torque Transmission aspect advantage have been acclaimed by coal-machinery-cement-mill manufacturers OEM, projects consultants & direct industries like North Eastern Coalfields, Vizag Steel Plant, Hero Honda Motors, Caterpillar Generators, Asian Paints, etc.

Flexible shaft couplingGenerator shaft coupling

Maximize Your Drive Output using hic Universal Drive Couplings !

  • Choose Right Specifications of flexible coupling to be used for torque-motor, engines, pump, etc
  • Reduce Production Downtime using tested quality HIC flexible shaft couplings
  • Drive Without Break & avoid premature failures of shaft coupling owing to strict HIC's quality control

HIC Universal Flexible Couplings ROTATE 1.5 Times More Than Other Couplings.*

No More
Couplings Rotation Stoppage !
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Rely on HIC Universal Made in India quality flexible shaft couplings used satisfactorily in industries located in Jharkhand, Jammu Kashmir, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra, Bengal, Manipur states of India, sold to Asian countries importers for re-exports of couplings to Nigeria-west africa, Venezuela, Colombia-South America, Adelaide-Australia, Leeds, Cork, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Zurich, Frankfurt-Europe, Wellington, Auckland-New Zealand, Montreal, Mexico City, Havana, San Salvador, California, Michigan-North America, found superseding in performance to China, Germany, Romania, Taiwan, Poland, Korea power transmission drive couplings manufacturers. Also, manufacture quality chain sprockets in single strand-simplex, duplex and triplex chain drive wheels.

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